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Drawing from the organizational beliefs of “lending a hand up to others,” Community Outreach in Action, Inc. has found that the scale of poverty is almost endless.


But the organization has also discovered an unwavering willingness to donate food supplies for those who need it most. Food donations stream into the facility, which are then redistributed to the more than 2000 low-income residents in Clayton County monthly. All total, more than 12 truckloads of products enter and then leave our facility every month.


As a result, we have outgrown our current location and we are planning a major expansion with the opening of our client choice grocery store in 2022.


For the past year, Community Outreach in Action has solicited donations privately for this project — now it’s coming to fruition.

Three years ago, we saw the handwriting on the wall that we were not going to be able to accommodate the growth and the need in Clayton County. In April 2021, we stepped out on faith and acquired an additional 2400 square feet suite that will be used as a client choice grocery store.

This expansion makes it possible for us to offer a client choice model that allows participants to choose the groceries they need, much like most of us do when we go to the grocery store. We will offer a greater variety of food such as meats, dairy items, and produce. We are incredibly happy to provide this higher degree of service to our neighbors and are grateful for the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with the community. With the expansion of our facilities, we expect to distribute more than 250,000 lbs. of food in 2022. 


As President & CEO, I’m so thrilled to be a part of the first client choice grocery store in Clayton County. I can’t sleep most nights – just imagining a parent between paychecks who can’t afford to feed their kids but being able to walk into the client choice grocery store and pick up food and walk out without having to pay! We are changing lives, no one does it like we do. Just wait! 

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